Tersus produces well-designed and long-lasting structures that are constructed in accordance with international engineering standards. We intend to become major stakeholders in the construction industry in Nigeria.

Street lights

Tersus provides and installs streetlights as part of our infrastructure projects or as specialized projects. Streetlights have various applications, from promoting road safety to boosting home/business security.

Therefore, we offer customized designs to suit the needs of our clients.

Storm Drain Systems

Tersus specializes in manufacturing pre-cast storm drains that serve to alleviate flooding and flood-related damage. Our team constructs the formwork, then produces and casts the molds with a high level of precision.

We have a range of pre-cast drain elements in various sizes and we offer custom drains and install drainage as required by our clients. Our small drains are suitable for homes and small streets, and our larger drains are used to collect and channel large volumes of water away from major roads. As part of our commitment to superior quality, all our pre-cast drains are manufactured with cover slabs.

Sewage Systems

Tersus designs and constructs centralized sewage systems for gated communities. These systems facilitate efficient waste management and non-disruptive removal away from the view of residents.

We construct sewage systems using a combination of PVC pipes and concrete precast elements.

We further ensure that our sewage systems are entirely separate from our storm drain systems, so that sewage does not contaminate the environment.

Service Ducts

Tersus installs service ducts as part of our road construction projects, in order to protect our clients’ investments.

This is because service ducts give utility service providers the ability to install facilities for telephone, internet, electric power, and so on, without damaging roads.

Roads and Walkways

At Tersus, we construct roads & paved walkways in line with international best practices in engineering. We believe that our well-constructed roads and walkways will improve the quality of life of commuters by minimizing traffic and reducing wear and tear to vehicles. We invest in high quality materials, build solid foundations for roads, and perform all the required tests for the type of pavement being constructed. Our team delivers some of the best-paved roads in the industry. Tersus offers three different types of pavements to our clients:


  • Asphalt
  • Paving/Interlocking stones
  • Concrete or rigid


Tersus manufactures different median barrier designs and carefully installs them onsite.

The function of these barriers is to neatly divide a dual carriageway, and effectively reduce traffic.


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