Tersus Limited (founded in 2013) is an indigenous company that crafts and deploys the most efficient and cost-effective innovative civil and mechanical engineering designs and solutions to our clients’ problems.

One of our core objectives is to deliver superior infrastructure development and high-quality and cost-efficient products and services to our clients in both the private and public sectors,  without compromising on standards and techniques.

At Tersus we are also thoroughly invested in continuous research and development to devise practical resolutions to prevailing infrastructure challenges within cities, towns and communities in Nigeria, some of which include transport solutions, infrastructure solutions, flooding solutions and real estate solutions.

We pay deep attention to detail, and utilize progressive and environmentally-friendly construction methods in alignment with international best practices.

This why we are known for our innovation, especially as we are powered by a highly experienced, excellence-driven, diverse and enthusiastic workforce with brilliant ideas that are constantly being developed into finished products or solutions.


Brilliant ideas developed into finished products…

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