Our key staff each have several years of industry experience, which they gained at some of the nation’s largest companies. This wealth of experience gives the Tersus team the ability to achieve our goals. We aim to consistently deliver the best products and customer experience.

To do this, Tersus focuses on achieving excellence in three areas: attention to detail, quality control, and health and safety.

Tersus adheres to the requirements set out by the Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON). We also ensure that our quality control managers receive extensive training that is designed to boost their skills and enhance their ability to promote a quality-focused corporate culture at Tersus. Each person at Tersus has a responsibility to pay keen attention to detail in all assigned duties. Furthermore, our quality control managers verify that standards are met or exceeded and policies are followed.

As part of our Health and Safety Management Plan, Tersus conducts regular health and safety training for its entire workforce. This includes safety meetings and targeted educational campaigns to support the implementation of health and safety policies, and ensure compliance. Tersus has also established monitoring and control procedures that include site inspections and audits, all with the aim to foster an accident-free environment.

Tersus offers a major financial advantage to our clients because we can execute top quality projects at rates that are significantly better than those of our competitors.

We are able to this achieve this due to lower overhead costs, along with high-efficiency construction techniques and business practices. The Tersus team strongly believes in the quality of our work, so we provide a five-year guarantee on our projects. We recognise that infrastructure projects are capital intensive, and that clients want very good value for their investments.