At  ₦60,000 per Square Meter and an initial deposit of ₦5m, you can own a piece of Riverwood.
Land price is all inclusive of legal fees, documentation fees, survey, and development fee.



Riverwood Gated Community is located along co-op City Drive, sharing boundaries with other notable housing communities like the Co-op Villa Estate


A total of 20 Plots, with 17 available for sale starting at N9 million for 300sqm.


Get 25% appreciation in land value yearly.



GOOD TITLE: Buyers will obtain a Deed Of Assignment from the global C of O covering the land and a Survey Plan.

Other documents include; Contract Of Sale, Letter of Allocation, and Form 1C.



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Riverwood gated community is located at Sangotedo. An undeveloped land, which is currently being developed by Tersus with plots of land on sale to our customers.  

Riverwood Estate is conceived as an eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable gated community offering exceptional facilities and services to foster qualitative living, better health, improved communal relationships, and social engagement via the most affordable and cost-effective means. 



Paved Roads

At Riverwood Estate, the roads are built to international standards. Our best practice technique involves building the road structure from the subgrade to the finished paved levels, with the highest quality materials.

We pay detailed attention to every single stone laid to maintain superb aesthetically finished work.

Perimeter Fencing and Walk Ways

At Riverwood Estate, our unique fence design combines a solid structure with beauty. We have a 1-meter ground beam along the perimeter of the estate, which provides a solid footing for the fence against water and wind forces.

Solar Powered Street Lights

Riverwood Estate will be lit up by street lights that are solar-powered  – this is one of Tersus Ltd’s environmentally friendly initiatives.

Underground Drainage Piping

The entire drainage system at Riverwood Estate will be constructed underground with chambers at regular intervals for inspection and maintenance.

It’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly hygienic and prevents stagnant water from accumulating in the estate drain.


Landscaping at Riverwood Estate is being undertaken by professionals planting the right type of grass plants and trees in strategic points,  with a state-of-the-art irrigation system to maintain healthy plants and grass growth.

Riverwood Plot Layout

Return on Investment


Land is an important ASSET ever-increasing in VALUE. It’s the most SOLID SECURITY that human INGENUITY had devised. It’s the basis of all security and only INDESTRUCTIBLE SECURITY.

The land will appreciate in value by 25% before the end of 2021 after completion of infrastructure. Investors who choose to sell after the first year may enjoy up to 40% land appreciation by December 2022.

Mr. Bode Agusto

Founder of Agusto & Co. & Riverwood Investor

Investor Profile

Testimonials from early Riverwood Estate Investors

Mr. Habeeb Alebiosu

Co-founder / CEO Viathan Engineering Ltd & Riverwood Investor


Riverwood Sangotedo

City Drive, behind Sky Mall Sangotedo.

Lagos, Nigeria


Riverwood Sangotedo is located along co-op City Drive, behind Sky Mall Sangotedo.

Driving directions: Drive down to Adiva estate, take the left turning at Adiva estate entrance, then the first right you see, and the drive all the way down.  Along the road, you would find our Tersus monument as a landmark of Riverwood estate.


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    About the developers

    Tersus Limited (founded in 2013) is an indigenous company that crafts and deploys the most efficient and cost-effective innovative civil and mechanical engineering designs and solutions to our clients’ problems.

    One of our core objectives is to deliver superior infrastructure development and high-quality and cost-efficient products and services to our clients in both the private and public sectors,  without compromising on standards and techniques.

    At Tersus we are also thoroughly invested in continuous research and development to devise practical resolutions to prevailing infrastructure challenges within cities, towns and communities in Nigeria, some of which include transport solutions, infrastructure solutions, flooding solutions and real estate solutions.

    We pay deep attention to detail, and utilize progressive and environmentally-friendly construction methods in alignment with international best practices.

    This why we are known for our innovation, especially as we are powered by a highly experienced, excellence-driven, diverse and enthusiastic work force with brilliant ideas that are constantly being developed into finished products or solutions.


    Where is the Riverwood Gated Community located?

    Riverwood Gated Community is located along co-op City Drive, behind Sky Mall Sangotedo.

    Who is the operator of the Riverwood Gated Community Estate?

    Tersus Limited, a frontline engineering company located in Lagos Nigeria.

    Who will manage the facilities?

    The facilities will be managed by Tersus Limited, with the aim to maintain the pristine condition of the estate in line with international standards.

    How will the subscribers obtain title to the Riverwood Gated Community Estate?

    All subscribers will obtain a Deed of Sublease from the certificate of occupancy covering the land

    What document will I receive after my initial payment?

    A starter pack comprising of receipt, sales invoice reflecting balance on owed on instalment
    payment, acknowledgement letter and sale agreement.

    What do I get after I complete full payment?

    A Letter of Allocation, the Survey of the Land and the Deed of Sublease (not registered)

    What happens if I can’t complete full payment after making a deposit?

    You are entitled to a refund at any time before 75% of the total sum has been paid; after which you will not be entitled to any refund. This refund shall be less 30% of the amount paid. An administrative charge in the sum of =N= 200,000 will also be payable. However, for every month of default there will be a penalty payable.

    Can I pay a deposit and pay the balance any time within the duration of the transaction?

    No, the balance must be paid according to the agreed installment plan.

    What is the land size?

    At Riverwood Sangotedo we 500SQM and above.

    What is the price per plot in Riverwood?

    At Riverwood Sangotedo we 500SQM and above.

    What other fees are applicable to this transaction apart from the cost of the land?

    • Survey Fees (Subject to review) =N= 150,000 (one hundred and fifty thousand Naira only)
    • Legal Fees =N= 200,000 (two hundred thousand Naira only)
    • Facility fees (TBD)

    Do I have the privilege of choosing my plot while making payment?

    All subscribers have the privilege of picking the plots of their choice.

    Is Riverwood a serviced estate?

    Yes, it is

    What infrastructure will the operator provide?

    Paved roads, walkways, perimeter fences, underground drainage, underground water piping, underground service ducts, gated security house, streetlights, green areas

    Is Riverwood on dry land?

    All plots to be allocated will be void of waterlogs, however, subscribers will be required to fill their plots of land to the road level prior to commencing any desired construction on their plots.

    When am I permitted to commence construction on my plot?

    Upon physical allocation of the plots and when the infrastructure is completed which is scheduled to be 31st of October 2021, every allottee can commence construction on their allocated plots.

    Can I buy a bigger plot than what is on the plot layout?

    A subscriber can buy side by side plots to increase their plot size

    Will there be restrictions to what can be constructed on my plot?

    Every allottee of land is at liberty to construct any structure on the land; Provided such design is approved by Tersus Limited and the applicable Town planning authorities. Riverwood Gated Community is a strictly residential estate.

    Am I expected to pay my development levy for 2 years?

    No development levy is required at Riverwood Gated Community for infrastructure development. A levy will, however, be required for facilities purchased (e.g., generators and water treatment plants) and management of these facilities.

    Are there plans in place for flood prevention?

    Yes, at Tersus, we construct our infrastructure to international standards and make sure our paved road levels are at the required height and our storm drain systems discharge water efficiently.

    Are there building restrictions?

    Riverwood is a strictly residential estate, and all building designs will require approval by the facility manager according to our guidelines, before construction begins. We will also provide prototype designs. Should a client choose to use these designs, they will be made available.